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Theses process

Starting and planning

  • Attend a thesis work information session
  • Read the Thesis guidebook
  • Choose a thesis topic and fill in the Thesis topic form
  • Conclude a Co-operation agreement with a working life partner
  • Familiarize yourself with research permit practices and data protection
  • Attend thesis writing lectures
  • Prepare (and present) a thesis plan 


  • Implement the thesis according to the plan and agreed schedule
  • Participate in guidance meetings with the thesis supervisor and the working life partner
  • Attend a thesis writing workshop and/or individual guidance meeting


  • Present the thesis (when required) and conduct possible peer review
  • Upload the thesis report to Turnitin for inspection
  • Write a maturity test
  • Send the thesis report to the supervisor, the language instructor, and the working life partner for evaluation
  • Conduct self-assessment and give feedback on the thesis process
  • Upload the thesis to Theseus

Language teachers’ support for thesis report writers (a compulsory part of the thesis process for students)

At the start of your thesis process, after attending the thesis info lecture, enroll for thesis writing lectures here. The thesis writing lectures provide students with information on academic report writing and guidance on the LAB writing practices.

When you have written about half of the planned length of your thesis report, enroll for individual thesis writing guidance here. The purpose is to give feedback, offer advice and provide support for you to bring the report writing process to a successful conclusion.