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A student who is not satisfied with the assessment of a study course or with a decision on credit transfer can, either orally or in writing, request reassessment from the lecturer or degree programme manager in question within 14 days from the date when he or she had the opportunity to receive the assessment results.

Degree Board

The university has a Degree Board tasked with the processing of appeals related to the assessment of study performance. The board processes matters related to study attainments that have been evaluated and graded. The Degree Board will not take a stand on the teaching, on the guidance processes or on how much the student has worked in the course, for example. The Degree Board evaluates whether the assignments in the course are assessed according to the same criteria and that no error has occurred in the assessment that would have put the student in question at a disadvantage. The Degree Board handles rectification requests related to final grades and not grades for mid-term exams.

The Degree Board only handles requests by students registered as attending, and the student may not graduate before the end of the appeal process.

The Degree Board’s decision on grading of study attainments and recognition of studies, cannot be appealed. Decisions by the Degree Board are therefore binding.

If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the teacher or study programme director, the student may make a written request for rectification of the grade to the LAB’s board of examiners within 14 days of receiving the teacher’s/programme director’s decision. The request must be sent

Please contact Head of Student Services Minna Ranta, minna.ranta(at) if you are making a written request for rectification of the grade to the LAB’s board of examiners. 

Contact information:

Minna Ranta, Head of Student Service
040 510 0597