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Study Finnish, live in Finland, work in Finland! At LAB and LUT, Finnish language studies for international students emphasize speaking and interaction skills. We encourage you to study the language in class, online, and outside together with Finnish-speaking people.

You will find a course that suits you from the wide range of studies intended for students whose mother tongue is other than Finnish.



Information and help for learning Finnish!

S2-klinikka is meant for all LAB/LUT-students whose mother tongue is not Finnish. In S2-klinikka you can get Finnish language counseling for:

  • written assignments
  • presentation material
  • job application texts
  • a specific question about Finnish language.

You can also get counseling for your Finnish studies, e.g. What is a suitable course for me? Where can I study Finnish? Please notice that S2-klinikka is not for text correction but you can receive help with your writing process. S2-klinikka is offered twice a week. Please make an enrollment in Moodle before.


Finnish Language Courses for International Students

You will find a suitable course from our vast course selection. You can study Finnish from the very beginning to B2 level.

LAB Finnish as a Second Language

LUT Finnish as a Second Language

CEFR Level Course ECTS Prerequisites Period
A1 Finnish 1 3 no previous skills 1,3,5
A1 Finnish 2 3 Finnish 1 or equivalent skills 2,4
A1 Finnish 3 3 Finnish 2 or equivalent skills 3
A1/A2 Finnish 4 3 Finnish 3 or equivalent skills 4
A1/A2 Finnish Conversation 1 3 Skills at level A1 5
A2 Finnish for Work 1 5 Finnish 4 or equivalent skills 1 - 2
A2 Finnish for Work 2 5 Finnish for Work 1 or equivalent skills 3 - 4
A2 Finnish Conversation 2 5 Skills at level A2 5
B1 Finnish for Work 3 5 Finnish for Work 2 or equivalent skills Autumn 2022
B1 Reading and Writing Finnish 3 Finnish for Work 3 or equivalent skills Spring 2023
B1 Korkeakouluopinnot ja suomi toisena kielenä 1 * 5 Skills at level B1 2
B1/B2 Korkeakouluopinnot ja suomi toisena kielenä 2 * 5 Skills at level B1 3
B2 Korkeakouluopinnot ja suomi toisena kielenä 3 * 5 Skills at level B1/B2 4
B2 Asiantuntijan viestintätaidot (S2) ** 4 Skills at level B1/B2 1-2, 3-4

NOTE! Bachelor degree programs at LUT include Finnish Culture and Language 1 and 2 courses instead of Finnish 1 - 4. All other international students are welcome to take Finnish 1 - 4.

* only at LAB Lahti Campus

** only for students of the degree programs taught in Finnish





  • Ruusa Einiö
  • Tytti Lindeberg
  • Aija-Leena Nurminen
  • Mirva Rainio
  • Marjaana Valo-Vuorela


  • Tarja Kovalev
  • Elina Niskanen
  • Sanna Paunonen
  • Anna-Riitta Pettinen
  • Mari Pyysalo
  • Pirjo Rantonen
  • Tarja Saarnisto