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There are LAB international services and departmental coordinators who are happy to help you with issues related to going abroad during your studies. International services are there to guide you on administrative topics of the exchange (such as applying, financial support, etc.).

Departmental coordinators along with tutor teachers are responsible of topics related to the content of your stay (such as compensating your courses, will tasks X and Y count for a professional placement). 

LAB International Services

Exchange in a partner university of LAB

Miia Tuominen

Placements abroad

Pia Puonti 


LAB International Services organizes following meeting times:

  • Via Zoom on Thursdays 14:00-15:30  (
  • Pop-up service hours in Lahti campus: Tuesdays at 12-15:30 (A111, Student Services). Note! Tue 26.10.: no service hours (autumn project week)!

Come and ask about the exchange possibilities, process etc! 

You can also suggest a suitable meeting time for you by sending us an email!


Departmental coordinators in the faculties

Business and Hospitality Management

Heli Korpinen (Business / Lappeenranta) 

Jonathan Bradshaw (Business and Tourism and Hospitality Management / Lahti) 

Jaana Häkli (Tourism and Hospitality Management / Lappeenranta) 

Institute of Design 

Eija Mustonen (Lappeenranta) 

Heikki Saros (Lahti) 


Tuomo Liimatainen (Mechanical Engineering) 

Ilkka Tarvainen (Wood Technology) 

Ismo Jakonen (ICT) 

Anne-Marie Tuomala (Environmental Engineering) 

Heikki Vehmas (Civil and Construction Engineering) 

Health Care and Social Services 

Tuula Hämäläinen (Physiotherapy, Lappeenranta) 

Katri Kämäräinen (Physiotherapy, Lahti) 

Katja Kylliäinen (Nursing, Lappeenranta) 

Anna Romakkaniemi (Nursing, Lahti) 

Sanna-Leena Mikkonen (Social Services, Lappeenranta) 

Pipsa Murto (Social Services, Lahti)